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Off the Plan Conveyancers are here to make purchasing an off the plan property simple and easy for you. For most people, your property will be the most expensive asset you ever purchase. Make sure your off the plan conveyancing is in the best possible hands.

If you are looking to buy or sell a property, then Off the Plan Conveyancer can help you. Get in touch with our highly skilled and qualified solicitors for a FREE – NO OBLIGATION QUOTE today!

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    Buying an off the plan property is different to buying an existing property. It can be risky and complicated for new purchasers. That is why you need an off the plan conveyancer to explain the contract to you, maximise your stamp duty savings, navigate the settlement process, and deal with any property defects.

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    There are no surprises at Off the Plan Conveyancer. Our prices are all fixed and disclosed upfront so that clients have certainty about the costs they will incur for their conveyancing. Find out how you can get a FREE – NO OBLIGATION QUOTE today!

    More than just Conveyancing

    At Off the Plan Conveyancer, we do so much more than simply prepare documents for you. Our solicitors keep our clients fully informed throughout the process and ensure that the entire process is smooth and simple so that our clients can focus on what really matters to them.

    Off the Plan Conveyancer is a practice group of Melbourne based legal firm Sutton Laurence King Lawyers.

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